Aiding in the clean-up helps some area businesses

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Some area businesses are making a lot of money after the recent storm left tree limbs and debris everywhere.

"We actually had to hire extra help to help us get up all these tree limbs," said Karen Crawford.

Karen Crawford said her family business, Hatchell's Landscape, has been helping to take care of messes for more than 30 years. But this is the first time in a long time the landscapers have been extremely busy during the winter.

"We have been swamped this year. There was snow and then two weeks later another snow and ice which was worse, and then downed trees, so we have busy after busy," said Crawford.

Crawford said more employees and new contracts have all been added after the bouts of winter storms that have passed through the area. Crawford says revenue this winter compared to last year has nearly tripled.

And according to Pee Dee Electric Cooperative, thieves are also trying to cash in on some of the damage left behind by the storm.

"There are people going door to door and saying, 'Hey we noticed that your weather head or meter base was hurt in the ice storm and were here to repair it'," said Tom Kinard.

Tom Kinard said Pee Dee Electric Cooperative is warning its customers because 15 such cases have been reported to their offices. And although none so far have been reported in our area, the company just wants to make everyone is aware.

"Electric Cooperatives do not charge for infield repairs."

And Kinard said no electric company is EVER allowed to perform electrical work on a meter box because it is encoded by an electrician.

"We can't work on weather heads, so the best thing to do is number one don't let anyone in your house because they are crooks, and they will steal from you."

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