City of Marion picks up the pieces after last week's storm

MARION, SC (WMBF) - Traveling through the City of Marion piles of debris litters the sides of numerous streets, as neighbors begin to clean up their own yards from last week's winter storm.

"It didn't look like no ice storm, it looks like a hurricane came through," explained Angela Batton, a Marion resident as she looks around the outside of her home. Batton is having her yard picked up with the help of other neighbors and friends. Batton was one of the many in the county who went without power, she said she had no power for a total of four days.

Philip Atkinson, also a Marion resident is cleaning up falling and hanging tree limbs from the outside of his father's home. "The clean up situation is kind of rough, you see limbs everywhere," said Atkinson.

Atkinson hopes in the future the power companies would take more preventative measures with clearing back tree limbs from power lines in the event of a storm like last week's.

Marion Mayor Bobby L. Davis said the sides of the main roads will be cleared first, in time for the Run Fest planned for this coming weekend. City crews are working now to clean up the debris they can according to Davis.

A team with FEMA will be in town on Saturday to make their own assessment of the storm damage.

Monday a city department head meeting was held. In that meeting it was decided the fire and police departments will put together an after action report on the storm.

"We just want to do an assessment of what we can do better, and also to have better communication between each other," said Mayor Davis.

Mayor Davis went on to add he felt that the city did a tremendous job handling the storm, but there is always room for improvement. Davis recommends having all of the city and county's action plans in a hard copy form in case the power were ever to go out like it did in this previous storm and the access to Internet and computers was possible.

Mayor Davis expects to have the after action reports from fire and police leaders in 20 to 30 days.

Emergency Management for Marion County Brandon Ellis, said they've got so much to do throughout the county before they can get back to normal. He hopes in the coming weeks if not the month to have some kind of after action review for the county as well.

Wednesday at the Eliose Grice Recreation Center in Marion they'll be handing out boxes of food supplies to those affected from the storm. The handout is happening at 11:00 a.m. on 603 Gurley Street in Marion.

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