Myrtle Beach athletes share Olympians' motivation, discipline

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Olympic athletes spend plenty of time training in the gym, on the ice, and on the slopes. But this kind of competition isn't just about being physically tough. Those athletes need to be mentally ready for the winter games.

Sports Reporter Damon Cutno had the chance to talk with a trainer and two athletes at ISI Elite to learn more about the psychological side of training for an elite event.

"To compete on the Olympic level has got to be part motivation, part discipline because motivation will get you started, but its never going to get you to the finish line," insists personal trainer Drew Basilicato.

Motivation got Mariana Ramirez-Martinez started. She's a gymnast looking to push past where she is now and reach the next level of competition. "I train hard, I try to improve what things I need help on like my round-off, back-hand springs and to point my toes all the time when I'm doing my routine"

But Mariana's training isn't solely focused on nailing her floor routine or sticking her landing on the uneven bars. She's working to overcome the other challenge of her sport.

That psychological toughness is something trainer Drew Basilicato builds into his workouts, pushing his Elite athletes to not only overcome sore muscles, but the self doubt that can create the biggest obstacle to success.

"We have a very specific mindset that's designed specifically for Elite training and the first thing is that you have to believe you can do everything that you set out to do. It may be hard at first but of course with the right direction, nutrition and accountability, that's kind of one of our main attitudes," Basilicato says.

That attitude, combined with his athletic ability, is what Mike Frazier hopes will get him through the combine and on to an NFL team.

"If you believe in yourself and you work hard and believe in your craft and what you can do, you surround yourself with positive people, people that have your best interest at heart, then everything else is going to speak for itself," Frazier affirms.

And it's the same attitude the athletes competing in Sochi need to get past a fall or a disappointing time and to get ready for the next race and their next shot at taking home the Gold Medal for America.

"When you take action you're going to get a result either way, and that's going to fuel your belief. And then of course from there you just generate more potential. So if you believe you're going to take stronger, and more action, that's going to generate a better result," Basilicato adds.

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