Florence County winter storm clean-up

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) More than 12 acres, that's how much space would be needed to collect all the debris in Florence County due to last week's storm. County leaders say the clean-up will take time to complete.

"It takes a little bit of hard work. You have to cut trees, cut limbs; you know the vines are in the way so you might get smacked in the face a couple of times," said Casey Singleton.

Casey Singleton came from Conway to help clear his friend's property off of Friendfield Road. The South Carolina Forestry Commission said it was areas like Effingham, Scranton and Coward that were hit the hardest.

"This is just a big old' mess. It's kind of rough on everybody you know, especially with the power lines being knocked down and stuff. It's just rough," said Singleton.

And Emergency Management Officials said the price tag for clearing public areas will be more than $400,000. That estimate could grow as more damage reports continue to roll in.

Dumpsters were filled to the brim with tree limbs and chopped up tree trunks and other yard waste at waste management sites around the county.

County leaders are asking everyone who lives in the unincorporated parts of the county to continue to bring all of their vegetative debris to the nearest waste management facility.

As the clean up continues you'll want to be cautious when driving on rural roads, because there are still some tree limbs hanging in the roadway.

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