Ice storm clean up takes priority to pothole repair

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Two bouts of treacherous ice storms have caused potholes to form in Horry County, and most folks can quickly tell you where to find some big ones.

"It was right outside that gas station next to 'Suck Bang Blow.' [There is] a real bad pothole over there," said driver Glenn Smith.

Potholes form when water seeps into cracks in the roads and freezes. The ice then causes layers of pavement beneath the surface to expand, and when it melts, it leaves behind space that collapses under the weight of traffic.

Horry County is responsible for fixing potholes on its roads. The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) will handle state roads, while cities and private lots are responsible for theirs, accordingly.

The problem is both Horry County and SCDOT are still cleaning up more pressing needs after last week's storm. While Horry County has set aside $750,000 for road repairs this year, they say it's going to take about two months to clean up all the debris from the storm. Lisa Bourcier said most work is going into stabilizing the county's dirt roads and picking up tree limbs that have fallen from the storm.

SCDOT also told WMBF News that it hasn't started to address the pothole issue either. So until crews can get around to fixing potholes, you need to be careful when you're out driving.

"You want to try and straddle the pothole to the best you can," said Brian Keesey, a contract driver for AAA emergency services. "Don't ever take your eyes or car off the roadway, I see a lot of folks out there texting and you might want to put that phone down and pay attention."

If you know of a state road that is in bad need of repair, report it to SCDOT at

You can report Horry County road problems by calling 843-381-8000.

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