CCU students embrace challenge to avoid mirrors for one day

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - It's almost automatic-  we look in the mirror when washing our hands,  or brushing our teeth. But try going a whole day without looking once at a mirror. A group of Coastal Carolina University students are trying to get people to do just that on "Mirror-less Monday."

Their message is simple; you don't need to look at yourself to feel good. Looking into a mirror can be challenging for many people, especially as society has evolved into a digital age where people can privately "fat-shame" others from behind a keyboard.

The mirror represents what the media and fashion magazines say is wrong with you. Students and faculty behind Mirror-less Monday want to send students an anonymous message of their own to let them know the mirror is not the only thing that matters.

So, students are posting colored pieces of paper in every bathroom across campus to promote their idea. On each paper is a different uplifting phrase written by other students.

"The positive response from students is often 'I just didn't expect this', and 'it caught me off guard' and 'made me think for a second,' because it was something that on a day-to-day basis, they didn't think about," says CCU counselor Chris Donevant-Haines. "They weren't expecting for somebody to send them a somewhat anonymous message that 'hey, it's okay'."

This is the fifth year CCU has had Mirror-less Monday on their campus. It's part of CCU's Wellness Week.

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