Horry Electric crews work to restore power for customers

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - By Thursday morning, it was lights out for 346,000 customers across the Palmetto state, which means bringing in extra hands. Friday night, Horry Electric reported more than 6,000 customers without power. This morning, we're down thousands with still many more go, states an Horry Electric official.

Horry Electric workers met at 6 a.m. Saturday morning for breakfast, before they hit the roads to restore power.

These are some of the most widespread power outage numbers they've seen in Horry County and workers say they'll continue to work around the clock until the nearly 2,000 customers are out of the dark.

"We just want them to know that we really care about them. We just want the lights on as soon as possible. I understand their frustration at this time but it's really tough for us too, a lot of our guys go home without power also," says Horry Electric crew foreman Chris Grainger.

Today Horry electric crews are joined by relief crews from York, North Carolina, and even Kentucky, a total of around 150 men.

Electric crews say many of these outages have been caused from down trees, they've seen more trees fall during this storm than any other storm in county history.  The SC Highway Patrol reported over a thousand trees blocking roads as a result.  The recoiling of branches has lead to more outages, and making the problem difficult to tackle for crews.

They state that, restoring power starts with removing debris first, and then they can get to the power. In major outages, crews fix the sub-stations first and then move out to individual services.

They have worked overnight and extended hours, risking their lives in dangerous conditions and ask that you are patient with the process.

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