Thousands remain without power, gas shortage continues

MULLINS, SC (WMBF) - Days after the brunt of the winter storm swept across the Pee Dee thousands of people still do not have power and in some areas fuel is in short supply.

At the K & J Food Store in Mullins, business was as usual today inside the store but outside it was a different story. No drivers were pumping gas because the station ran out of its supply during Thursday's rush of drivers looking for fuel.

"We heard people saying they waited in line for an hour to get gas then when they got here we didn't have any," said employee William Reed. "Hoping the power comes back on, and we get everything good to go to give people some gas."

The station is losing thousands of dollars because it cannot service the 600 gallons of gas normally sold on an average day. A gas supply truck is expected to arrive sometime tonight or Saturday morning to refuel the pumps.

Further up West McIntyre Street another station does have gas an kerosene but there were long lines of drivers looking to refuel.

"I'm getting some kerosene to use for warmth, to eat with, try to cook with," said L.H. Stackhouse.

Another driver filling up today was Dwayne Bowden. He is one of the few people that has power once again.

"Felt like I was in heaven to be honest with you - with television, the warmth, and being able to take a hot shower - I took it for granted," said Bowden.

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