Landscapers focus on emergency jobs, urge caution in taking offers

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With all the fallen trees and branches, it's going to be a big clean up job across the county. WMBF made calls to local landscapers, and they say they are only focusing on emergency calls right now.

They're receiving plenty of calls about trees that have gone into roofs and ones causing leaks and water damage. Once they are able to get a handle on these calls, then in a couple of days, they will focus on debris left in yards.

But while some homeowners are waiting, there have been reports of people knocking on doors offering to do the job, and also posting flyers in neighborhoods. Before you take the offer you should use caution, and make sure that the person has a license as well as insurance before doing any type of work.

Area landscapers say trusting the wrong person can be costly.

"I had a situation a few years ago where people started the job, got paid, never returned," explain Scott Barth, owner of Extreme Landscaping. "And then the people had to pay twice because they hired me to finish the job. So I definitely wouldn't pre-pay."

Landscapers say they are working long hours to get to everyone. In the meantime, the focus shouldn't just be what's in your yard. Check around your home to see if you have any dangling or loose branches in nearby trees, because those can cause more damage once they fall.

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