'Recoiling' tree branches could lead to more outages

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - More than 3,000 Duke Energy employees were working to restore power to thousands who were in the dark Thursday, but the ice could knock our power again when it melts.

The brunt of the storm has passed, but the worst problems could still be yet to come, and it's because of what's going to happen once the ice finally melts off of the tree limbs.

A Duke Energy spokesperson said that normally there's a calm after a hurricane hits when crews can work, but for now, they are working in freezing conditions, on slick roads, and they are dealing with what's known as line "recoiling."

Basically, when ice that's weighing down on a tree branch melts, the branch is suddenly lighter and springs back up, hitting another power line, which could lead to more outages.

Crews are working to restore power first near emergency centers and fire stations, then they will work their way out to the county roads like on Highway 41.

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