As ice storm looms, bridges could freeze

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Freezing rain may be sweeping through the area Wednesday, but Horry County's government isn't at the same level of preparedness that it was two weeks ago during the last ice storm.

"It's really not a county-wide event this time," said Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier. "Most of the weather will affect the western parts of the county."

Bourcier says Horry County's Emergency Operations Center is currently at OpCon 4, meaning emergency management personnel is on standby and conditions are being closely monitored, but the EOC itself isn't activated.

"We do have salt if we need to place some of it on the county maintained roads," Bourcier said.

Temperatures aren't dropping as low as they did in the last week in January, when icy conditions gripped all of Horry County and shut down both schools and government offices.

Roads aren't expected to freeze as badly as they did during that ice storm, but there's still a threat of ice on bridges throughout the county, especially overnight.

Areas like Conway and Aynor may also experience some icier conditions than areas like Myrtle Beach or Carolina Forest.

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