Florence Co. anticipates round two of winter weather

FLORECNCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Emergency Management in Florence County said this winter storm could cause widespread power outages and make roads dangerous to drive.

"The public works department is considering keeping a group of people over night," said Kristy Hughes with Florence County Emergency Management.

Florence County's Natural Hazards Coordinator said the county and its staff are closely watching the impacts this winter weather could bring.

"You don't want to send everyone home and not be able to get them back to respond tomorrow. The road conditions are going to be significantly worse than they were with the last storm," said Kristy Hughes, Florence County Emergency Management.

Over at the public works department, crews once again spent the day readying equipment and checking over supplies to make sure they can help clear roads if there is a major winter event.

"We're backing it under here to make sure it stays dry. We got a stock pile of it over in the yard, like I said, this is strictly for emergency use only," said Jerry Allen, Florence County Public Works.

Trucks loaded down with dirt are now tucked underneath an awning to keep them dry. The dirt will be used on dirt roads throughout the county, to reach anyone who gets trapped inside their home and has a major emergency.

"If there is an emergency and people need an ambulance or a fire truck… we have to do this in case there is an emergency," said Allen.

"We don't want people to call 911 to report that their power is out, or just to say there is a tree in the roadway," said Hughes.

Already County leaders want you to start finishing up your travels and prepare to be at home throughout the duration of this storm.

Hughes said he expects this storm to be "significantly worse than the last time. We weren't really dealing with an ice issue, we were dealing with precipitation that got on the roadways and froze. This is freezing rain, which means it's going to rain, and when it hits the surface it lands on, becomes ice."

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