Stranded passengers frustrated at grounded flights

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Grand Strand and Pee Dee area isn't the only one suffering from another bout of bad weather, and it's already affecting travel.

Delta Airlines employees confirmed all flights in and out of Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) are canceled until Wednesday night, and that is subject to change.

This is the second winter storm to sweep through our normally sunny shores in as many months. Like the first time, passengers flying out of MYR are showing up to the airport to find their flights delayed and canceled.

MYR airport officials say that, while it's only raining now, they have a team on standby in case the rain freezes overnight.

Airports in places like Myrtle Beach, Atlanta and Charleston don't have the equipment to handle winter storms like airports further north, because they so rarely have a need for it. So when severe weather strikes, airlines ground more flights.

Delta Airlines only flies to and from Atlanta at MYR, and Atlanta is expected to get plenty of bad weather.

A passenger said his ride home to Oregon has been postponed until Thursday, even though nothing but rain has hit either Myrtle Beach or Atlanta yet.

"They've been canceled pretty much everything through until Thursday," said Dwight Carpen, a Delta Airlines passenger stranded in Myrtle Beach. "So they're even just anticipating the storm is going to be bad enough that they won't be able to fly out of Atlanta tomorrow. To do this in order to avoid the problems they had a few weeks ago when we had the big storm down here - it seems a little on the crazy side"

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