UPDATE: Safe Drive on I-95 delayed due to weather

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Troopers were planning to be out in full force this week for the launch of a new safety campaign launches on I-95, but due to the impending winter weather in the southeastern portion of the US, "Operation Safe DRIVE on I-95" has been postponed until further notice.

The goal of "Operation Safe DRIVE on I-95" is to have zero fatalities on South Carolina roadways. In order to achieve that, the SC Department of Public Safety realizes it needs to be proactive, with high visibility enforcement in high-collision areas.

The Safe DRIVE campaign, to be conducting with neighboring states, stands for Distracted, Reckless, Impaired, Visibility Enforcement, which highlights there will be high visibility enforcement for those violations and others.

The main focus will be on the I-95 corridor. The State Transport Police, a division of the SCDPS, is teaming up with North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to get the point across that traffic safety is a high priority from state to state.

The idea is to bring attention to commercial motor vehicle safety, both for the trucks and the motorists sharing the roads. I-95 is one of the most heavily-traveled roads in the United States. Since 2011, 384 collisions have been reported involving a commercial motor vehicle.

The majority of crashes are because a motorist is driving too fast for conditions or not changing lanes safely, according to the SCDPS.

Instructors with the Safe Driving School in Myrtle Beach suggest driving in the middle lane anytime you're on the interstate.

"That's the lane of least resistance. There are people getting on, we're not in their way. People passing, we're not in their way. People having car problems on the side of the road, we're not in their way," explained Mike Doneff, owner of Safe Driving School.

Doneff also urges motorists to keep a distance from 18-wheelers and to make sure you are not in their blind spot. As SCDPS points out, in 75 percent of fatal crashes between a commercial motor vehicle and a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicles fault.

Stay tuned for an updated announcement on when the campaign will run.

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