Conway PD collects unused, expired prescription drugs

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Thursday marks one month since the Conway Police Department added a permanent prescription drug drop off box to their building.

At the end of January, officers gathered each pill and in total, around two pounds of pills were collected in the first month – which they estimate to be between five and six thousand pills.

People can anonymously drop off expired and unwanted prescriptions day and night, 24 hours a day. It is all in an effort to keep your family safe.

Sergeant Darren Alston with the CPD says there are three reasons why you don't want prescription drugs left in your house. A toddler may take them unintentionally, they can be misused by teenagers or adults which can lead to addiction or selling at school, "and also safety issue of taking drugs that have been expired," Sgt. Alston says. "A lot of people don't realize that drugs you got a prescription for in 2010 and it's still sitting in the medicine cabinet and you have the same symptoms as two years ago, and you go back to take… that's just not a safe thing to do. Those drugs have expired then they're no more use for you."

The best solution is to drop the prescription off. Teens sometimes start taking prescription drugs because they want help sleeping or studying, but often this turns into a very bad habit.

But toddlers can accidentally take them, too, without even knowing what they are. "If they happen to get a hold of it, and think, because some drugs are colorful and they can think it's candy. You know if you leave it laying on your night stand and they get a hold of it and you leave the top open, they think it's m&m's or something like that."

Anyone can leave behind old prescription pills at the Conway Police Department located at 200 Laurel St, Conway, SC. Horry County Police Department also collects expired or unused pills, their box is located at 2560 Main St #7 Conway, SC.

Sergeant Alston says it's too early to tell the effects the drop box is having on the community, but for now, thousands of potentially harmful drugs no longer pose a threat.

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