Pawleys Island neighbors say tainted meatballs deadly for pets

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors on Brandy Mill Way in Pawleys Island tell WMBF News they're being careful to not walk their pets around the neighborhood because of tainted meatballs sickening and killing dogs and cats.

Investigators with the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office are testing what they're calling a meat substance to determine if it does indeed have some kind of poison in it.

Two and a half weeks ago a dog on Brandy Mill Way ate what looked like a meatball left in the yard, according to its owner Jeanine Meditz, and minutes later got violently sick and died.

Since that first report back on January 17, there have been other reports filed with the sheriff's office describing similar incidents where pet owners are walking their dogs and then later witnessing as their pet falls ill.

Meditz said two of her dogs were killed as a result of eating the substance found in her yard.

Meditz believes a person living nearby wanted to try and kill her dogs because of their barking and planted what she describes as meatballs in her yard. "This is something my husband and I aren't going to get over. They were our children and they were sweet dogs."

One of Meditz's new puppies also got sick on Sunday as a result of what she said she ate on a walk near the neighborhood. Meditz signed the puppy over to a Pawleys Island pet rescue.

The puppy, according to a vet tech, had rat poison in her blood after receiving testing from a local veterinarian. The puppy is being given fluids and antibiotics at this time. Cindy Sapp is helping to care for the puppy and said she ultimately needs a blood transfusion, but that treatment is too expensive at this time.

Jack Armour owns four dogs and lives on Brandy Mill Way. He said he won't walk his dogs in the neighborhood because of this. "I would defiantly advise everyone to make sure no one has hard feelings about the behavior of your dog. Especially when you live so close to neighbors. You don't want to be a nuisance,"

Armour warns his neighbors to continue to check their yards. "Just as you would clean up after your pet waste, you want to make sure no one has left anything in your yard."

Leaders at the sheriff's office would not confirm nor deny if they have people of interest in the case. They did confirm they are working on following leads and waiting for test results to come back on the meat.

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