Multiple break-ins hit one neighborhood block

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A string of break-ins has one community stepping up to patrol their neighborhood and warn thieves they will be watching.

Police reports show within just four months, five home robberies and a handful of car break-ins have occurred all on one small block of 20th Avenue North.

People living on the street are fed up and want the community to be more aware of criminal activity happening at home.

"They actually cut part of the plastic away from here, put a knife in, pried open the window and got in through the window," Dick Todd shows where robbers broke into his home Friday night.

When Todd walked into his home after work on January 31st, he instantly knew something was wrong.

"First, I noticed the TV was gone in the living room. Then I noticed the window in the kitchen wasn't how I usually leave it," he explained.

Someone had ripped open the window, he says, breaking into his home and stealing two TVs along with other items. He wants someone to speak up about the current crime in his neighborhood.

"Someone knows something somewhere, someone say something...someone come home with two TVs you knew weren't there? Call someone about it," he urges.

It isn't the first time something like this has happened to his home. In October, someone rang the doorbell while his grandmother was home alone. Todd says they forced their way in with a gun.

"Five minutes later, the guy barged in with a gun, put a gun to her head," he said. "She's 85 years old and they just went through the house."

He believes the same people came back on Friday.

"I think they came back expecting to see her there and came back for the stuff they couldn't get the first time," said Todd.

Criminals have hit multiple times on his block in just four months, from breaking into homes to stealing items from cars.

"Nothing is safe in my Jeep, nothing is safe in my house. Do something to make it safe," he expressed, wanting the Myrtle Beach Police Department to pick up their patrols in the area.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department says it does patrol the neighborhood just like any other area of the city. Officers suggest contacting a Crime Prevention Officer if you have concerns about crime in your neighborhood. They can come out to do a site inspection and give tips on how to make your property safer.

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