Pelicans up the ante looking for Russell Wilson visit

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Pelicans have launched a social media campaign of sorts using YouTube, Facebook and good old creativity. They are trying attract none other than Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson right here to Myrtle Beach.

What started as an idea in the Pelicans front office has taken to YouTube. In a short video parody of the movie castaway, Pelicans General Manager Andy Milovich calls out to "Wilson" the football to get to Myrtle Beach and play second base.

You can find the whole video here:

The Pelicans hope the video and others they're planning to follow it will generate enough buzz that Wilson won't be able to say no. They were first offering $10,000 to the charity of Wilson's choice, but have increased the amount to $20,000..

This is all possible because Wilson was recently acquired by the Texas Rangers in an annual draft. The Pelicans are members of the Rangers farm system, so Wilson could potentially take the field for them.

Pelicans General Manager Andy Milovich says of course they don't want him to quit football, because it seems to be working out for him, Super Bowl victory and all. But, they do hope to get enough momentum to convince him to get to the Grand Strand.

Milovich says they would like to host a sports clinic at Field that kids in the community could come to.

He says Wilson is the kind of role model you want kids to look up to and try to emulate.

"He's an incredible young man and the impact he could have on our staff members, our players, our coaches and the kids in this community would be dramatic," Milovich adds. "So we're going to continue to make an effort and get him here, and hopefully it works out."

Sure it's a long shot, but Russell Wilson is someone who was told "it's not possible" much of his sports career, and look where he is today.

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