City of Florence draws closer to creating new district lines

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - If you live in the City of Florence, your city council representatives could soon change. The City of Florence has grown so much that redistricting must happen for the city to be in compliance with the law.

"We have had a lot of growth in the City of Florence; particularly in our district three, we have had exceptional growth in that area," said Director of General Services Scotty Davis.

Friday, city council members approved the first of two readings that would nail down a plan to redistrict the City of Florence.

"I think that staff has done a tremendous job in creating districts that would be fair and equitable to all members of council," said Florence City Councilman Ed Robinson.

City leaders say since the 2010 Census, the City of Florence has grown greatly, specifically over in the South Florence area. Under the Voting Rights Act, certain requirements have to be met within the City of Florence to make council members districts legal.

"The requirements we look at - is making sure that those districts remain safely minority districts, while also getting the population of the three districts as equal as possible," said city attorney James Peterson Jr.

The three districts that are currently out of whack" are the ones Ed Robinson, Teresa Myers Ervin and Buddy Brand represent.

Right now, Robinson's and Myers Ervin's districts are significantly smaller than Brand's'. And to fix that, the city has come up with a plan with some input from the state.

On Friday, all council members approved that plan which will come up for a second reading in February.

"I have no problem with it, and I think it would create a thing that would help Florence grow," said Robinson.

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