Horry County School District thaws, starts to return to normal

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The past four days have been a whirlwind for school district officials, but things are finally beginning to return to normal as a handful of administrators at every school returned to work Friday.

School employees with contracts to work 220 or more days are back at school. That doesn't include most teachers, but the district says principals, counselors and custodians were called in to check on their facilities, get things back up and running, and some teachers are even using the time to get a jump start for next week.

"We do have some teachers that came in just to get things ready for Monday because the kids will be coming back, and I'm sure a lot of them will have tons of energy because I'm sure they're going stir crazy," says Jacelyn Spearman, the chorus teacher at Conway High School.

Children are likely stir crazy from a week of treacherous winter conditions. The district says it got some backlash about why Tuesday and Friday were canceled when the conditions were slow to start and then quick to melt. The district says it operates with an abundance of caution.

"What people don't take into account is just how large Horry County actually is," says HCS spokeswoman Teal Harding. "We are 45 miles from point to point and people who live in more metropolitan areas forget some of the more rural areas."

Now that the ice is melting, the decision becomes when will students make up the snow days. We know February 17, and March 28 class will be in session. The other two days are yet to be determined, but parents should keep their calendars clear because spring break is an option.

"If that's the case it would be on the front end or the back end for convenience sake of the families," says Harding.

The district says a decision on those two additional snow days will be made sometime next week.

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