Winter storm leaves some roads still iced over, headaches for drivers

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - While some of the busier highways and roads have been cleared of most of the snow and ice left by the winter storm, some roads in Horry County remain iced over making driving nearly impossible for some.

"Roads are kind of bad, real bad in spots," said Genia Gaskins who stopped with her family to help a neighbor that slid off a road in his car due to ice.

Today was the first time Gaskins and her family left their home since the storm hit. She said the main roads were not the problem.

"Highway 701 was good but the secondary roads had spots of heavy ice and you slide," added Gaskins.

Genia's husband Monroe Gaskins said he was surprised the people who stopped to push the car out of the ditch were able to get the car back on the road.

"It's a little difficult and icy, and it took a few more people besides me," Monroe said. "It's going to take some more time above freezing to make this ice melt because it's just thicker in some spots so you think you're safe and get a little brave then that's when you mess up."

Due to the current weather and road conditions, the Horry County School District canceled classes at public schools for some 40,000 students on Friday.

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