Consider This: Severe Winter Weather Closings

We don't have severe winter weather very often, but when we do it creates lots of issues. And many people like to second guess the decisions of area school administrators when they cancel classes.

Consider This:

Look at the disaster that happened in Atlanta, Georgia, and you have plenty of proof that it's better to be safe than sorry. The worst of the weather moved in a little slower than expected in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee Tuesday afternoon and many people complained that schools should not have closed and instead scheduled an early dismissal. But that severe weather could have also moved in a few hours earlier. If that had happened then just like Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama we could have had students stuck on buses or spending the night at school.

School officials have to the make these decisions early enough so parents can prepare and make arrangements for their children. Sometimes it will seem like a great call… other times it might seem like the wrong call. But ultimately it is always best to be cautious rather than putting our students at risk.

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