Darlington Police arrest suspect related to car break-ins

Walls (Source: Darlington Police)
Walls (Source: Darlington Police)

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - A man convicted of theft is back behind bars Thursday in Darlington, and investigators say this time, his crime of choice hasn't changed much.

Darlington native Johnny Walls was convicted in October 2013 for possession of stolen goods. Now he is facing similar charges after police say he stole several items out of different vehicles in the city of Darlington.

"Well, we have been getting a lot of calls and people have been saying that their vehicle had been broken into," said Sergeant Kimberly Nelson with the Darlington Police Department.

Nelson said investigators linked 46-year-old Johnny Walls to several vehicle break-ins.

"I'm afraid to come out of my house, because they walk up and down here all night long, all day and all night. Anytime you look out there are people walking up and down the street," said Judith Cox.

Judith Cox  lives on one of the streets that police say Walls hit hard. Cox says it was only a few years back when her car was broken into, and ever since, she keeps everything under lock and key.

"Anytime I get out of my car I have to lock the doors. I lock my doors in the house all the time," said Cox.

And Cox isn't the only Darlington resident on high alert and watching for suspicious activity.

"I just think folks ought to make sure their valuables aren't in the car," said Jerry Keeney.

Keeney says she is always keeping a close eye on her neighborhood, and she says police are too.

"Oh, I think they're doing excellent, I really do," Keeney said.

Sergeant Nelson says Walls would often help people in the community by performing yard work.  That's how he knew what kind of valuables people had, and he would come back in the night and nab them.

"We actually recovered items that were taken and given them back to the people we found and located," said Sgt. Nelson.

Due to the ongoing investigation, police were unable to tell us what items were stolen, but they say you need to be sure to lock your car and home so you don't become a victim.

Investigators say more arrests could be made, and if you have any information about car break-ins in the City of Darlington you should contact police immediately.

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