Snow days means make-up days for students

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - School children all over the area have been enjoying snow days for the past three days, but soon that will end, and those days will need to be made up.

The Horry County School District calendar lists February 17 and March 28 as make-up days. Horry County School Board Chair Joe Defeo says a decision will have to be made as to when the third day will be made up.

By law, districts have to hold classes for 180 days. In some special circumstances, like major disasters, missed days can be forgiven, but this week's ice and snow aren't enough to have that happen.

Outside of the classroom, much of the area is still iced in. Myrtle Beach City Hall delayed business hours by two hours on Wednesday, they say for good reason.

"We realized it would be challenging perhaps to get to work today, my car was frozen this morning and this gave them an opportunity to take their time and get here and in a convenient time, but also for the city to be up and operational," says Mark Kruea, the city spokesperson.

A decision on whether school will be in session Friday has yet to be determined. Stick with WMBF news for the latest.

Find a complete, up-to-date list of closures and cancellations here:

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