Florence County, the day after the winter storm

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Across Florence County the snow and Ice closed businesses, shut down schools and left drivers stuck on the side of the road.

Jesse Parker is a former landscaper. He says he had a hard time finding work, but today he found a way to make some cash,  cleaning up the mess last night's storm left behind.

"I've been out of work and slow, and I saw the ice coming and I thought, 'I tried to figure out the best way to make the best of it,'" said Jessie Parker.

Parker says he shoveled ice from at least three local businesses parking lots. He says he is only making about 50 bucks a lot, but it's better than nothing.

"I'm making more than I would be sitting at home," said Parker.

From one end of Florence County to the other, WMBF News found people just like Parker out clearing ice from roadways, stairs and businesses. Over on West Lucas Street, Florence's Hospitality District, the weather also hit the businesses' bottom lines.

"Monday we saw a little bit more traffic than we were expecting. Tuesday, yesterday when the snow started it shut things down in the evening… they say it worked out to about 29 percent less than what we were expecting," said Jeff Lee.

Jeff Lee is the manager of Interstate Convenience – the store sits right off of I-95 and Lee says even people passing through the area felt the impact of the winter weather.

"We've seen customers that were traveling and had to get back home. They were actually bound in Santee last night headed north; they were trying to make it this morning, but had car trouble," said Lee.

And over on Irby Street we caught County employees shoveling snow and throwing salt on Ice to free the County Complex of remnants left from last night's storm.

Right now, it may appear conditions are improving, but you still want to be careful as tonight's temperature will drop and leave behind Ice for the morning commute.

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