Crews work to get planes in the air at MYR

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A crew is working at Myrtle Beach International to clear the runways so some flights can finally get off the ground.

The winter storm grounded flights at the airport. Kirk Lovell, Marketing Manager for MYR, says there are a few things that need to happen for the airlines to clear flight takeoff and landing.

"We have to play it minute-by-minute to see how the weather is doing," Lovell says. "We're constantly checking the runway, the weather temperatures, the temperature of the runway to make sure there's not ice on the runway. So based on our notice to the airlines, they make the judgment call if they're going to fly or not unless we officially close the airport... which we have not done."

Some of the passengers at MYR were frustrated on Wednesday when their flights were canceled while they were sitting at the ticket counter waiting for the word, which was cancellation. Some understood the situation and kept their fingers crossed there was still hope to fly out.

It isn't just the airlines struggling to move passengers. Many cab companies have shut down throughout the city of Myrtle Beach. Most said that conditions were too dangerous for drivers.

Passengers at MYR whose flights have been canceled may have to sit tight for a few days before they can rebook, but in the mean time, it is important they check their flights ahead of time.

"We're actually asking all passengers, even as we go later into the day and in the evening and even tomorrow morning, to check with their airline prior to arriving at the airport," Lovell advised. "They can go online with their airline and check the flight status and it will tell them if their flight's delayed or canceled."

You can check departing MYR flights here: Lovell says the best way to check your flight, though, is to check the airline website.

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