Tow trucks out in full force for stranded motorists

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Ice on the roads means tow trucks are out in force, including DeFalco's Towing, who's taken on extra help to get stranded cars off the road.

The roads got slick fast Tuesday night - the conditions are dangerous, and the worst part: we're far from out of the woods yet.

"We tow for Highway Patrol, we tow for county, we tow for Surfside, but mainly we're a Triple A towing service," said Jim Handler, who was on call for DeFalco's Towing Tuesday night.

The roads are slick, but he's been driving a tow truck for 20 years in worse conditions than this.

"This is nothing...the worst blizzard I've worked is the blizzard of '03. It was state of emergency, we had 3 feet of snow," he said. But that was in Massachusetts. Horry County drivers aren't used to icy roads...

"We've beefed up, we've added 4 more guys," Handler said.

When WMBF News began coverage at 4 p.m., the roads were dry. They changed before our eyes into an icy, slippery mess...

The freezing rain continued falling through the night, and with temperatures staying below freezing Wednesday, those roads will remain dangerous.

If you do have to drive, try to stay on main highways as much as possible. The salt trucks are hitting the most-traveled intersections in the county, but they can't hit every road.

Also, more cars travel on the busier highways. Handler says more cars on the road actually keep the road warm, reducing the risk of ice.

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