Electric company, roads crews prepare for the worst

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Dangerous roads and having power are the two biggest concerns among those living through this severe winter storm. WMBF News reporter Lauren Weppler went out to find out how the power companies and road crews are preparing for any emergency.

"I'm really concerned about the power outages, because we don't have a generator or anything like that," said Kaylie Eisel.

"When you get ice and the limbs fall on the power lines and they go down that would be my biggest concern," said Sam Lester. It's a shared concern which is also being felt at the Horry County Electric Company.

"They get their chain saws sharpened up and gassed up and ready to go. We always try to get some spare wire," said William Jones, Manager of Operations at Horry County Electric.

That's why getting prepared is so important. If your power goes out, don't hesitate to call your electric company. This way, they know exactly where to send the help, because dealing with ice takes time.

"We want them to watch the ice on the trees. Tree tops breaking or limbs breaking. They've got to be very cautious about that," Jones said.

If the area gets pelted with sleet, ice, and snow, then additional power crews are going to be brought in to help get the lights turned back on.

"We've got a statewide organization that we are part of if there are other co-ops that are in the state, or out if they have major damages, and we are okay, then we will assist others," Jones said.

The other top concern out in the community are the roads.

"My biggest concern is if I have to go out the people who do not know how to drive in bad weather," said Luke Poore.

"My biggest concern is I'm from the north in Vermont, and we get a lot of snow, and I don't think people know how to drive in that kind of weather," said Ashley Watson.

South Carolina Department of Transportation Crews have been out since Monday treating slick areas with a brine and salt solution to help drivers from sliding off the road. But no matter what comes our way, rest assured there are people out there who are trying to help.

The manager of operations at the power company says they likely will determine early Wednesday morning if extra assistance is needed, or they can go help others.

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