Delivery drivers playing the winter weather by ear

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you haven't stocked up for this nasty winter weather, it may be too late - the roads started getting icy Tuesday evening.

Some restaurants are braving the conditions to get food to you, but you may want to call sooner rather than later. With the roads going from safe to slick in a matter of hours, the roads that are too dangerous for you to drive are going to be just as rough on anyone delivering food.

There are some restaurants that are braving the elements for those in need of food… and if the power goes out or you don't have supplies to cook with- that may be your only option.

In Myrtle Beach, Mama Mia's Pizzeria, Jimmy John's, and Hungry Howie's are among the restaurants making deliveries, but Gene Rouppasong at Mama Mia's said he has to make sure his drivers stay safe. If they say the roads aren't passable, the restaurant could cut deliveries short.

"We'll deliver until, I mean, if we see it's coming down and it's really coming down hard and it's unsafe, we'll play it by ear," Rouppasong said. "We don't want to put anyone out there if it's unsafe. We'll stick it out as long as we can."

Mama Mia's isn't the only restaurant playing it by ear. Gino's in Carolina Forest said that if the weather is bad, they could call of deliveries as well.

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