SCDOT prepares for winter storm

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The South Carolina Department of Transportation in Horry County has been bustling with activity since the threat of a winter weather storm this week.

Monday crews were rigging up equipment, loading up their trucks, and combining a salt and brine mix to treat the roads.

According to SC DOT's Resident Maintenance Engineer, Shannon Welch, five trucks were out equipped with this brine solution to place on to bridges, overpasses and particular sections of state roads.

Welch said using this pre-treatment is a cost effective way to keep the roads from getting slick. Overnight SCDOT leaders will be in contact with local law enforcement to find out if there are any problem areas on roads which are causing drivers to get into accidents.

Crews will be starting 12 hour work shifts Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. From there they will continue to treat the roads as they see fit.

A problem area of concern for drivers according to Welch is on State Route 31 from 544 to 501, because this section of the asphalt has tiny holes in the pavement which can fill up with sleet, ice and snow. Welch says the road is designed like that to have water move off the roads more easily, "It's good for rainy weather, but not cold weather." This stretch of road has been treated with the brine and salt solution.

Welch advises all motorists to be cautious when traveling around or near the DOT trucks, "keep your distance stay back, try not to get real close to them."

SC DOT crews will be laying down salt on the state roads if it is deemed necessary.

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