Florence County prepares for winter storm

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Major preparations are underway in Florence County in anticipation of wintry weather.

"The sheriff's office is prepared to deal with any emergency, and we are certainly hopeful the public will exercise good judgment," said Captain Michael Nunn, Florence Sheriff's Office.

Military style vehicles, owned by the department, were prepped just in case the impending winter storm creates a need for it.

"The humvees that we obtained from the military – they're designed to go where vehicles traditionally can't go and operate in inclement weather. They operate when power lines are down when trees are down," said Nunn.

And the Sheriff's office isn't the only agency getting ready for the storm.

Corporal Sonny Collins with State Highway Patrol says troops will be out to make sure area highways are safe.

"We do have to prioritize where our resources are going to have to focus on the more heavily traveled interstate and primary South Carolina routes," said Corporal Sonny Collins.

Corporal Collins added you can expect to see more troops out and about checking on any stopped cars along our highways.

If you see anything out of the ordinary Corporal Collins says you can report it by dialing *HP.

Kristy Hughes with Florence County Emergency Management told me today has been quite busy.

"I've been sending information out to our businesses and industry as well as our schools and other agencies as to what preparations we may be doing for this winter event," said Kristy Hughes, Florence County Natural Hazards Coordinator.

Hughes says she encourages you to make sure you have an emergency plan and kit in place just in case the weather turns serious.

"Blankets and have a weather radio or some type of radio that's battery powered and make sure your cell phone is charged," said Hughes.

Throughout the duration of the winter storm WMBF will stay in close contact with officials to make sure we are bringing you the latest information that will keep you and your family safe.

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