Chest cameras popular among Myrtle Beach police

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – After a few months of use, Myrtle Beach Police officers say the tiny chest cameras now in use by some patrols are making a big difference on the job.

"It records any audio and video conversations or interactions we have," said Myrtle Beach Police Lt. Terry Altman. "It helps us gather evidence."

Lt. Altman says so far, only a handful of officers have been assigned the chest cams, mainly divisions that have a lot of interaction with the public, like waterfront or street crimes divisions.

Altman says the cameras are more versatile than the current dash cameras used by most police officers, and are better for documenting evidence or suspect interviews, which are making the cameras popular among officers.

"They've actually been more inclined to wearing it," he said. "It has helped them out tremendously."

Altman says the cameras also have an added benefit of allowing officers to review how they do their jobs in the field. Since the cameras document both video and audio, Altman says patrolmen can review the footage, see what they did right, and what they did wrong when dealing with a suspect.

"Haven't had any negative feedback from any of the officers," Altman said.

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