Being prepared for cold temperatures

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - While this isn't the first time we've dealt with bitter cold temperatures this year, this cold snap is going to stick around a bit longer and that could cause problems for your house and car.

The crew at Blacks Tire in Florence says maintaining your car year-round will help prevent it from breaking down when cold temperatures roll through the area.

"People come and are checking their anti-freeze, making sure it's up to the level making sure it's below freeze point, making sure it ok," said Ken Nobles, Black Tire.

Get your coolant flushed and check your fluids to stay ahead of the damage cold temperatures can cause. If you don't you could be dealing with problems like a cracked radiator or transmission problems.

Something we here in the South don't really think about - until chilly days like today - is the condition of our heat pumps.

"Have they cleaned and service by qualified technicians, tune it up and make sure it's defrosting properly," said Frank Woodberry, A-1 Comfort Systems Inc.

Homes in the north, handle frigid temperatures more easily, because they're heated by furnaces. Those units push out heat by burning fossil fuels, but a heat pump works differently. It pulls the cold air out your home, leaving hot air behind. You shouldn't have any problems with your heat pump, as long as you keep an eye on it.

"The heat pump with the auxiliary stripping that comes with them usually takes care of every situation," said Woodberry.

"If you keep it serviced and it's running properly I don't think you will have a problem," said Woodberry.

And Florence County Public Works crews are making sure you don't run into any problems on the roads. Workers are on the lookout for potholes and cracks in the pavement, which pop up more often when temperature drops.

"One of the damaging things to asphalt roads is once you get a crack the moisture gets into the asphalt and it gets into the sub-grade and it starts deteriorating," Carlie Gregg said.

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