MLK march in Florence prompts voter registration

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Martin Luther King Jr. Day prompted Florence City leaders to help members in the community to get registered to vote.

"The right to vote should not be taken lightly. We are responsible to teach our children about the price that was paid," said Alpohnso Porter.

Alphonso Porter pastors the Majority Missionary Baptist Church. The Church on North Coit Street is where members of the Florence community met on Monday, to march in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but also register to vote if they have not yet done so.

"We try to get people out here to vote to change the direction of America and what does that is voting," said City of Florence Councilman, Ed Robinson.

Councilman Ed Robinson said it was his idea to have a mobile voter registration kiosk at Monday's MLK event.

Members of the Florence Community were able to update their voter registration, get a voter's I.D. card and make just about any changes needed to ensure they are able to vote in the next election.

"The main reason we have the voter registration machine out here today, is so that everybody who is not up-to-date or who does not have their cards or new registers will come so that we can make the change that needs to be made," said Robinson.

Robinson said 45 new voters are now registered in the City of Florence, because of the opportunity given at Monday's MLK event.

Florence County Election Officials said you do not have to have a regular I. D. or driver's license to register to vote, you can simply obtain a voter ID card and that will authorize you to vote in the next upcoming election.

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