Myrtle Beach will be dishing out another Restaurant Week in June

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Restaurant week gives people a chance to try some of the best food the Grand Strand has to offer, without emptying their wallets.  For the restaurants, it's a chance for a boost in business, during a slow time of year.  The event takes place in January, but another is now on tap for the future.

The Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association confirmed Thursday that a second Grand Strand Restaurant Week will take place in 2014 as part of Coastal Uncorked, which runs from June 2 to 8.

This will be the first time that the MBAHA will take part in two Restaurant Weeks in one year. Stephen Greene with the MBAHA thinks a Restaurant Week in June will yield more restaurant participation because of the time with visitors to the area.

The specifics on the second Restaurant Week still need to be worked out, and Greene said that it may start sooner than Coastal Uncorked, perhaps as early as May 30.

Croissants Bistro and Bakery was one of the 14 local restaurants involved in the 11-day-long Restaurant Week from January 9-19, and say every year, Restaurant Week is a success.

"This past Restaurant Week was a really good one, it seems like every year it seems to grow a little more, more people find out about it, more people hear about it and they start to come to not just our restaurant but all the restaurants involved in it," says Croissants Executive Chef Bradley Daniels.

It's a chance to try more food, for less money.  Eateries like Croissants say the week is an opportunity for restaurant-goers to venture out and eat somewhere they haven't before, with restaurants hopeful that if they come once, they're likely to return.

Daniels says each restaurant week, Croissants sees a growing number of sales from the year before.

January is a time when businesses need customers the most, which is why it comes as a surprise, more of the nearly 1,700 restaurants across the Grand Strand do not get involved.

Owner of Myrtle Beach restaurant Villa Romana says he does not have time to prepare for Restaurant Week.  Instead, he offers sporadic deals, like 20 percent off some entrees the weekend of January 24, for the restaurant's 29th anniversary.

But for those venues looking to get involved in Restaurant Week, they will have another chance this June.  Talk of the event has places, like Croissants, saying they'd most likely sign up.

"It would have to be re-thought a little bit on our end as far as what we're going to offer, because that is our busy time of year and we may have to structure it a little bit differently than we have but we would definitely take part in it," says Daniels.

He says they would keep the same three-course menu structure, but include seasonal food changes.

Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association would possibly host the event and it would be the first time the Grand Strand would experience more than one restaurant week in a year.

A summer restaurant week means because more restaurants will be open for tourists, more may get involved.  Restaurants see this as a chance to lure in locals as well, when they usually avoid restaurants crowded with visitors.

Local diners, unaware of Restaurant Week, said they are happy to be in the know and were looking forward to the possibility of the event in June.

"It would be something that we would definitely be interested in and would certainly help the economy here at the beach," says Croissants customer Melissa Fraizer.

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