CCU greek life students work to Stop Hunger Now

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - More than 868 million people around the world lack adequate food. On Monday, 850 CCU greek-life students worked side-by-side together to package 30,000 meals for people they will never know.

The packages students prepared are full of vitamins, rice, vegetables and soy protein. The meals will travel across the world to schools and orphanages in developing countries like Haiti, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe. The packages will feed children in these countries thanks to the CCU students and the organization they volunteered for: Stop Hunger Now.

Students say it was important to hold the Stop Hunger Now event on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, because of what the day means to the country.

"We chose Martin Luther King Day because some people take it for (granted) that it's just a day off," says CCU student Shannon Mitchell. "But it's not. It's good to give back on these kind of days, just because, if you think about how much martin Luther King went through for other people... he was doing so much for other people. So, it's good to give back to people that are underprivileged."

Students volunteered for hours on Monday, and each time another 1,000 meals were put together, a large gong rang and cheers filled the room.

Steve Deal, Assistant Program Manager for Stop Hunger Now, said it's hard for many of us to understand what it is like having to starve between meals, because in the United States we have access to food.  Even those in poverty, and homeless people, can get access to food.  But for those in developing countries, food is never a guarantee.

"In these developing countries, these children may not eat for two weeks," said Deal. "If you're a child and you don't eat for two weeks, that's not a good thing. We make sure they at least get one meal... sometimes two meals every single day with high nutritional value."

Deal said the food packages will be shipped out in the next two-to-three weeks.

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