Sonoco Plant gets new Biomass Boiler

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) A global company, located right here in our backyards, is making sure to limit the amount of pollutants that we breathe every day.

The wood chips, used to fuel the Biomass Boiler make it eco friendly. Officials say this new technology is the next step for major industrial companies.

"Biomass made a lot of since because it uses wood waste as a renewable source and just made all the sense in the world after the evaluations," said Jack Sanders, Sonoco CEO.

For more than 60 years the Sonoco Plant has used coal to produce products. It's estimated the company will save $6 million annually, and make the air a little fresher by switching to the new Biomass Boiler. Before the Biomass Boiler was decided on, company execs looked at a few other options.

"We had to decide which kind of boiler to put in, we evaluated several opportunities including gas another coal fire boiler, but Biomass made a lot of sense," said Sanders.

The Biomass Boiler will use wood waste to provide power to the plant.

Building this huge structure provided jobs to the local job force and Sonoco had to hire five more employees to run the new boiler.

Today Governor Nikki Haley applauded the company's extensive research to better improve the quality of life within Darlington County, by bringing the new boiler aboard.

"They don't have to do this. And the fact that Sonoco continues to try and be environmentally friendly and continues to lead the way in what that looks like, shows a lot about the company and how they care about the environment and the citizens that live in this area," said Governor Nikki Haley.

Today the Sonoco's CEO said we will probably see Biomass technology being used at other industrial plants in the near future.

"We'll certainly this is a developing technology across the nation and it's actually used in Europe so there will probably be other opportunities here to use Biomass," said Sanders.

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