Study: South Carolina one of the most migrated to states in 2013


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - More people are moved to the Palmetto State in 2013 than almost every other state the country, according to findings by a major moving company.

South Carolina was second only to Oregon in this study; 60 percent of the moves in South Carolina tracked by United Van Lines were inbound. North Carolina ranked third with 58 percent of the moves inbound.

How does Horry County play into the population boom? The people moving down here aren't necessarily staying here. Moving companies across the country say they're getting more and more calls from people moving to the South Carolina, and while the rest of the state's growing, it's tough to gauge where Horry County stands in that population boom.

"We're seeing a huge explosion in new home construction; buyers are interested in that," said Blake Sloan with the Sloan Realty Group.

A growing population is always good - it means new home construction, construction jobs, and a larger tax base. According to United Van Lines, its trucks are going to the Carolinas more than any other state. The U.S. Census Bureau data between the two states shows nearly 150,000 people have moved here since 2012.

Local movers are noticing too.

"People are moving in here from everywhere...there seems to be more jobs available, so more people are coming in," said Gary Freeman. He says his company, C&G Auto, has been busy providing rental trucks.

Freeman says he's seeing a lot of customers from one part of the country specifically: "Without a doubt it's New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Ohio."

According to United Van Lines's study, these are the same states that are lost the most residents to migration in 2013.

On the surface, it looks like Horry County is playing a big role in this population boom, but Freeman points out that while a lot of his customers are making a "permanent move," most of them are retired, and just as many of his customers just move down for seasonal work, then head back home.

"Probably in about a month or so, we'll see people start to move back in and get settled for the summer," Freeman said.

Another seasonal group that comes down to Horry County are college students. Freeman says many CCU students rent trucks in the fall, and then again in the spring to head back home.