PETA makes allegations of neglect at Waccatee Zoo

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is pleading with law enforcement to take action over alleged abuse of the animals at the Waccatee Zoo.

According to PETA, visitors to the zoo allege that animals have no access to clean water. They also said a "pig was suffering from crusty and pus-filled eyes, a leopard was rubbing his bleeding ear on a chain-link fence."

PETA is petitioning Horry County Police and the US Department of Agriculture to step in and open an investigation in violations of animal-protection laws.

"PETA is calling on federal and local authorities to do their jobs," said PETA Foundation Deputy General Counsel of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Delcianna Winders. "The Horry County PD has an obligation to protect animals in its jurisdiction - and that includes making sure that the animals at Waccatee Zoo are not sick and suffering in violation of local and state cruelty-to-animals laws."

HCPD spokesman Lt. Robert Kegler said Environmental Services responded to the zoo to investigate these claims. They found no issues with the condition or the quality or care of animals at the zoo.

Lt. Kegler added that Horry County Police do not have jurisdiction over zoo operations. The Dept. of Agriculture should be notified about any issues at the zoo.

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