Consider This: Demolishing Blighted Buildings

Consider This

Some of the abandoned hotels in Myrtle Beach are being demolished, and that's good news for a lot of reasons.

Consider This:

When a building sits empty it begins to decay and often attracts activity that negatively impacts the neighborhood. That's been happening in Myrtle Beach with many of the neglected hotel properties turning into drug, prostitution and crime hot spots.

During the building boom in the early 2,000s if an older hotel was coming down it most likely meant a new one was going up. But today that's not the case for many of these properties, and that's just fine with many neighbors.

"Grass would be great. That'd be fine right now but whatever they decide will be an improvement than what's been there," said Dan Mahon, with the nearby Vancouver Motel.

Hopefully this demolition trend will continue and more abandoned properties will be razed and the criminal activity will drop. And when the economy fully recovers those empty lots will be prime property for new development.

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