Demolition begins on blighted buildings on Ocean Boulevard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Demolition has officially started on one of two motels scheduled for demolition along the southern end of Ocean Boulevard. Wednesday, crews tore down the Golden Sand Motel in just a matter of hours.

Some people, like Dan Mahon who works next door at the Vancouver Motel, said the demolition is a nice sight to see.

"I thought it was fantastic once they started ripping those buildings down," added Mahon. "They've been a nightmare and just terrible looking at them every day around here being empty like that."

While right now the city has not received any firm plans from the new property owners about what will replace the motel and the Holiday South Motel lot next door, Mahon said anything would be better than what it is currently.

"Grass would be great," said Mahon. "That'd be fine right now but whatever they decide will be an improvement than what's been there."

The Golden Sands Motel, Holiday South Motel, and a neighboring building have been sitting vacant and abandoned for months. Mahon said the buildings have attracted more trouble than tourists to the area.

Myrtle Beach City Spokesperson Mark Kruea said there is not anything wrong with motels sitting vacant or abandoned as long as the property managers keep the buildings on par with city code, which was not the case at the Golden Sands Motel and neighboring buildings.

"Those are private properties and they had become dilapidated over time so we are glad to see those properties coming down that's a plus eventually they will be replaced," added Kruea.

The city said one option being briefly talked about as a replacement for the Golden Sands Motel would be a new restaurant. However, before any construction may begin the plans must be approved by the city.

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