Surfside Beach Police offering site assessments to deter crime

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's a new way to keep you and your family safe, getting advice from those who deal with crime first hand: Surfside Beach Police are working on an effort that can keep your home from becoming a crime scene.

Criminals are looking for an easy target, and what you have outside of your home could make be an invitation for them to commit a crime. Police want to stop by your home or business and test it out.

"These site assessments will actually help and have been proven to deter crime," said Donald Sliker, an investigator with the Surfside Beach Police Department. "Based on structures outside of the building."

Examples of deterrents are motion sensor lighting, or cutting down the bushes so there's not a place for someone to hide. Officers with the Surfside Beach Police Department have been certified nationally to identify all the things surrounding your home that could make you a victim of a crime. With the site assessment program, they will stop by your home or business for free, take a look around, and recommend what changes you can make to stay safe.

The police department has been busy using different community programs similar to Site Assessments to help fight crime numbers. It seems to be working, since the efforts first started in July, where there was a 51 percent reduction in burglaries at businesses and homes by the end of the year.

If a resident would like for an officer to check out their home or business, then they should call the Surfside Beach Police Department at 843-913-6351.

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