Myrtle Beach in the running for 'Alpha Warrior Challenge' location

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - (WMBF) - There's always a big sports tourism focus in the Grand Strand, and now it could be moving on from the tournaments and marathons to something bigger. At the former Pavilion site, we could see a new kind of sporting event taking up space.

It's called the Alpha Warrior Challenge. In this challenge, athletes compete in a mile-long obstacle course that has extreme challenges similar to a cross-fit workout. Last year, organizers kicked off two big events in San Antonio and San Diego, but this year it's going to spread across ten cities nationwide, and Myrtle Beach is in the running.

If it comes to the area, the event can draw nearly 10,000 athletes in one weekend. City staff plan to officially introduce the Alpha Warrior Challenge at the city council meeting Tuesday, but Myrtle Beach is already ahead of the game. When The Salt Games were held in July, it featured a cross-fit competition with athletes from all over the Carolinas.

A local fitness club owner who organized it says it showed there is certainly plenty of interest in this kind of sport.

"We had people coming in after that all the time and when are you going to do it again," said Judi Langfit, owner of the Core Fitness Club. "And that location was great, so yeah. It will absolutely bring in business."

After introducing the idea to city council, city staff will then come up with the event details and logistics. Then the event will be back on the city council agenda for approval at a meeting in two weeks. According to the Alpha Warrior's website, the 10 cities announcement will come within the next couple of weeks as well.

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