Myrtle Beach checking up on adult businesses in city limits

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)  Now that Horry County's ordinance on strip clubs is in full effect, other areas could make changes too. At Tuesday's Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, council members will vote to possibly "check up" on sexually oriented businesses within city limits.

This is to start the conversation to see if city council would like to look into changing what's in place now. Currently, there are three licensed sexually-oriented businesses inside Myrtle Beach. They are strip clubs: two of them are on Seaboard street, and one on Mr. Joe White Avenue.

There are two options on the table for city council to consider Tuesday morning. One would be to keep the ordinance in place now as it is, which places all sexually-oriented businesses in certain zoning areas of the city. Or, the council could have the city's planning commission look into possibly changing the ordinance. If this happens, there could be a moratorium on all future businesses until a decision is made.

This is because the city wants to address the possibility of Horry County's now stricter rules luring more businesses to Myrtle Beach.

"We have a zoning in place where sexually-oriented businesses can operate. Perhaps there would be room in that zone for one or two more," explained Mark Kruea. "And we want to take a look at our ordinance to see if it covers all the things that council thinks it needs to cover."

If city council decides to take a closer look, then the planning commission would take several months reviewing what's in place, and to see if changes should be recommended. City council discussed the ordinances at the city council workshop at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

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