Horry leaders move toward changing controversial trash rules

Heather Gale heather.gale@myhorrynews.com
Heather Gale heather.gale@myhorrynews.com

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Horry County leaders approved changing a controversial garbage policy Tuesday, helping clear the way for residents and business owners to haul construction waste outside the county.

By a 6-5 vote, County Council members moved toward making the first major change to the county's flow control law, the 2009 policy that requires that all trash generated in Horry be disposed of in a facility run by the county's Solid Waste Authority (SWA).

A third and final vote must be taken before the decision becomes final.

The SWA is a quasi-governmental entity that manages the county's landfill and recycling centers.

Recently, some county leaders suggested amending the policy to allow businesses and residents to take construction and demolition refuse (often called C&D) to landfills outside the county.

Supporters said the move would extend the life of the county's landfill and help small business owners who live closer to landfills other than the SWA facility on S.C. 90.

Critics, however, argued that the amendment would cost the county millions in disposal fees and lead to the county landfill being taken over by a private waste management company.

The vote came a day after council members sparred over the policy during a three-hour workshop.

Council members Mark Lazarus, Gary Loftus, Jody Prince, Al Allen, Paul Price and Bob Grabowski supported the change. Councilmen Harold Worley, James Frazier, Carl Schwartzkopf, Paul Prince and Marion Foxworth voted against it.

Councilman Brent Schulz recused himself from voting.

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