Duke Energy wants our area to conserve energy

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) The cold weather has all of us cranking up the heat, but that could create problems for the power companies. Duke Energy Officials say power systems in our area are handling the frigid temperatures well, but to make sure there is not a strain on the systems, Duke Energy has made a request.

"We are asking our customers to conserve energy over the next 24 hours, at least as these extreme temperatures continue. And we want to do this, to help minimize demand, but to also help our customers conserve energy," said Mindy Taylor, Duke Energy.

Duke Energy wants you to do simple things like keeping an eye on your thermostat, as well as making sure you turn off lights in rooms that are not being used.

"Lower your thermostat to the lowest most comfortable temperature and then when you are not at home, you can turn it down another degree or two," said Taylor.

And even though it is cold out, Duke Energy Officials said your ceiling fan can actually help heat your home. Set your fans to a clockwise rotation, this will help push warm air into the room.

"You can also leave your shades or blinds open, so the sun's rays will come in and warm your home," said Taylor.

Kristy Hughes, Florence County's Natural Hazards Coordinator said making sure your heating units are prepared for cooler than normal temperatures can help save you in the long run.

"Things you should do ahead of time are make sure your system is prepared for it. Whether that be having you chimney checked, if you have a fire place or if you have an AC combo unit for your heat - make sure that's checked a head of time," said Kristy Hughes, Florence County Natural Hazards Coordinator.

Also, check the air filters inside of your home, because a dirty filter makes your heating unit work harder.

WMBF News found out why various areas often have power outages during cold temperatures.

"Well sometimes it really depends, it may be wind related so if the wind is blowing it may blow tree limbs into the power lines there may be over loaded transformers," said Taylor.

While there have been minimal power outages in Florence County, if you do experience one Duke Officials says don't hesitate to call.

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