Prep your home and car ahead of chilly temperatures

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Cold temperatures can do some major damage to your home, car and wallet. The experts at Lowe's suggested covering the windows of your home with plastic to help reduce the amount of cold air from coming inside.

They also showed us several other cheap products that could keep the chilly temperatures from impacting your wallet.

"One way you can keep the draft from coming into your home is basically testing your windows and doors," David Author.

David Arthur knows everything you need to know about keeping the cold wind out of your home – and your electric bill low.

"If you do feel a draft, there are some products that we have, weather stripping for doors and windows," said Author.

And products those products only cost about $5 – and are easy to apply.

Arthur said using a product like weather stripping could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Joseph Graham showed us another product to keep your water pipes from freezing.

"This right here, top of the line. This is self sealing. This right here is the rubber foam insulation," said Joseph Graham.

Graham said keeping your indoor water pipes wrapped in pipe insulation will prevent your water pipes from freezing and ultimately cracking.

"Stop the problem from happening –and then you can save money in the long run," said Graham.

Chad Weisbeck owns Jiffy Lube, he says keeping any eye on your vehicles fluids and tire pressure is crucial during cold temperatures.

"You don't want the engine to have issues starting in the morning. If you don't have a good charge on your battery, the cold weather will drain the battery, "said Chad Weisbeck

"During the cold weather they need to be more conscious of things like batteries and tires and tire pressure. You know ever ten degrees you lose about a pound of air in your tires."

Weisbeck said loosing tire pressure can impact the cars breaks, gas mileage and your safety.

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