PTR Industries opens for business Monday

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - The gun manufacturer PTR Industries opened for business in Aynor on Monday, bringing in the first wave of local employees.

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The hiring process will happen in three stages, explained Rob Grabowski. The Horry County Councilman now works as the purchasing manager for PTR Industries, a company moving from Connecticut to Horry County.

Grabowski said 11 local employees will begin on Monday, alongside current workers transferring from the Connecticut plant which is shutting down. Beginning in February, another 12 employees will be hired,followed by an additional 15 in March.

"We've had 2,000 applicants for the 30 or so jobs that are available," said Grabowski.

While the job posting is now closed, he explained the plant will have an impact on the community, even for those not working there.

"For example, the restaurants in Aynor during lunchtime, the people moving down here from Connecticut and purchasing or leasing homes. The impact is significant," explained Grabowski, mentioning a few ways the company would help the economic development of the area.

The plant is five times the size of the old building in Connecticut, and PTR Industries plans to double their production in their first year of business in Horry County.

"Currently in Connecticut, PTR is manufacturing a thousand units per month, we're looking to double that in the first year," confirmed Grabowski.

They are also making plans now to expand in the future. Part of the warehouse is being left empty while the company looks at getting into international trade.

"We are currently a manufacturing facility that has nationwide distribution for our product, through distributors that will then turn around and sell to the individual gun shops that can sell to the individual owner," Grabowski explained.

Once employees start on Monday, it will be a few weeks before the plant begins manufacturing guns. In the meantime, gun parts will be transported from Connecticut so the new workers can train on assembling the product.

Tune in to WMBF News this evening for a full report.

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