Influx of counterfeit bills hurting local businesses

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – They hurt businesses, and the people who carry them, but in Little River, people say they're seeing more and more counterfeit bills popping up in local cash registers.

"I like real bills, I don't like fake ones," said Chaquette Gause with Community Finance in Little River. Her local bank alerted her to an influx of fake bills.

"One of the tellers said 'Chaquette, be careful. We're already having counterfeit problems with new bills."

One person told WMBF News they'd found a counterfeit $20 bill in their cash register. Another person said they found several fake dollar bills at their business.

A teller at a local NBSC branch told WMBF News she'd seen a fair number of fake bills recently, even finding one in their church offering plate. The branch manager at the Little River BB & T referred to the corporate office, but phone calls weren't returned.

Gause says texture is usually the best way to spot fake bills.

"Sometimes it may be thicker, thinner, or it may be slick," she said.

Counterfeiting is a Federal crime, so cases in Horry County are sent to the FBI Field Office in Columbia. Calls to the office weren't returned.

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