Robeson Co. Sheriff: missing child and alleged abductor located

Jaylon Marcus Bullard (source: NCDPS)
Jaylon Marcus Bullard (source: NCDPS)
Shamael Ellerber (source: NCDPS)
Shamael Ellerber (source: NCDPS)

RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA (WMBF) One-year-old JaylonBullard is safe with this father, after deputies say he was missing for nearly 12-hours.

" They called me and told me I could come pick him up, that he was at home,"said Jamie Bullard.

Jamie Bullard, learned Friday afternoon, his son had been found safe, after allegedly being abducted early Friday morning.

Robeson County Deputies say, one-year-old Jaylon Bullard was abducted by Shamel Ellerber, after a domestic situation involving Jaylon's mother took place, early Friday morning.

The Sheriff's Office says, Jaylon's mother was missing too, although she was not included in Friday's Amber Alert.

"I was just praying to God that he would be alright and that the Lord would look over him and bring him back to me," said Jamie Bullard.

Friday afternoon, deputies found the child, the child'smother and Shamel Ellerber; right now deputies are not saying where they were located.

Jamie Bullard says, although he and his son's mother are separated, they are still married. As of now, the couple shares custody of the child.

"We never went to court or anything like that…to see who would get custody, but he was staying with her most of the time and I would get him on the weekend," said Jamie Bullard.

Bullard went on to say, he heard there were domestic issues between his son's mother and the man investigators alleged abducted the child, but they never thought something like this would happen.

"Well it upsets me. I'm very disappointed in him and I mean really… we never got along, but yea I'm kind of upset with him," said Jamie Bullard.

For now Jamie Bullard says, he plans to keep a close eye on his son.

"I do want to keep him with me for awhile, it just let me think about everything," said Jamie Bullard.

Right now, no formal charges have been brought against Shamael Elleber.

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